October 25, 2009

It's Show Time!

woodend 2009 today

OH WOW.... how insanely fast does time fly by... I can't believe it is show day already :o)

So, wondering what to do with your Sunday? How about
heading to Woodend and saying hello to the teds? Behind my
table you will find my mum (whose name is really Joanna)
and Ric ... well mum definitely *hehe* I did notice Ric
slipping his mountain bike into the boot of the car, so you may have more luck finding him up in the hills :o) He will be the
one on the white Turner, wearing lots of trail dust and a big
grin :oD

What's that you said? Ahh, where are the bears?

Good question :o)

You would like a little peek huh? We-ellll OK, my arm doesn't
need much twisting *hehe* ....here is a selection (but not all) of my little critters you can find hanging out at the Woodend
Teddy Bear Show today :o)

woodend bears

and of course, you will need the details - hard to get where you need to go, when you don't actually know where that is lol ;o)


Hope you can make it over there!!

October 19, 2009

Woodend is just around the corner...


It’s astounding....Time is fleeting.... lolololol who knows the next line? Hmmmm, indeed *hehe*!

Yup, so it is nearly show time. Again :o) Sunday, October 25th brings my last show for this year. This time we will be in beautiful Woodend, a gorgeous town in the Macedon Ranges of my home state, Victoria. I am, of course madly working on a new batch of lovelies to debut on the 25th. Mum and Ric - my indomitable show team - will be, as always, behind the table for me, and would love you to stop on by!

You can read up about The Woodend Teddy Bear Show on the web the “official” site woodendteddybearshow.com as well as HERE at the Macedon Ranges site, and HERE on the Visit Victoria site. Visit Victoria also has a really handy 'how to get there' feature, where you put in your post code and it gives you a map and list of directions.... mine says to “bear left” onto the Monash Freeway lololol - what can I say, small things amuse me :oP