December 24, 2010

Want a chance to win a Rosey Day ted? Sure you do!

This is Hardy.  Say “hello there” Hardy :o)
Teddy Bear and Friends are giving one lucky reader the chance to win Hardy!  All you need to do is fill in the following form - which you can find on page 41 of the Winter 2010 edition - and send it in to the address given on the form...
So, what are you waiting for :o)

Teddy Bear and Friends Winter 2010 issue: I’m in it!! YAH

Some things just never get old.. no matter how much they are repeated they remain full of WIN!  Hugs from friends, the smell of coffee brewing, the first camellia of the season... and seeing my little ted’s in print :o) :o) you can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw the familiar A4 envelope slide under the gate and the realization of what it contained dawned on me lol!!  I think I had that baby ripped open, and my nose buried in the magazine in about 5.76 seconds flat <3

A few more seconds more and I was reading the article in question, aptly named “Good things come in small packages” and  written by the lovely Felicia Hymer (AKA The Bear Scout).  My little ted’s can be found a few pages into the story on pages 40 and 41

Coincidentally the ted of mine pictured - Ellory - has his head buried in a good read too :oP

I am also waiting on a hard copy of the current Teddy Bear Review, that has an article with me in it too *so excited* but never fear that all this attention will give me a big head... as you can see, our Louise made it quite clear that her beauty routine was of far more import, and interest for that matter, than my excited babble about magazines.  Nothing like a Siamese to bring a girl back down to earth hey ROFL!

December 15, 2010


Oh my, strap yourself in and get ready for cute overload... this little vid is going to send your cute-o-meter right off the scale <3

December 6, 2010

The protective properties of the packing peanut...

Some days, laughter can be the best medicine ... and with the curve ball** that was recently thrown us here at Chateau Teddy, it was just what the doctor ordered :o)  Friday morning I wander out to the kitchen all yawny and sleepy eyed to be greeted by a parcel waiting on the kitchen table.  A big one!   My bleary brain instantly went into overdrive trying to remember what on earth I had ordered that could possibly arrive in such a big parcel... only to screech to a surprised halt when I saw the sender and realized that the huge box contained my new (but small) shading pens!   WOOT :o)

....and double bonus, there would be enough extra packing in this baby to send off at least 4 teds in soft cushiony comfort....why yes, I do do enough internet shopping that I hardly ever need to buy packing peanuts *hehe*, nothing wrong with that ;o)  move along, nothing to see here *giggles*

...and there wasn’t much to see in the box either LOL!  Hows this for a packing FAIL?!?
One poor, solitary little packing peanut rattling around in a box way too big for the pens it contains... poor thing took a right beating too :o(  It’s not quite flat, but it’s definitely seen better days...

I don’t know - is it a random escapee that was never meant to be there.. does the seller have a spectacularly miserly packing peanut policy...?  It's a mystery that will likely remain unanswered, but despite our friend the peanuts sorry lack of friends and diminutive size, it did a good job :o)  My pens are in perfect condition... can’t wait to have a play with these babies! 

Not to mention it gave me a good laugh too, which is always a bonus! 

**the12” extended version**
Cycling to work monday last, to avoid crashing into a right turning car that didn’t see him, Ric slammed on his brakes, flew over his handlebars, and hit the road hard enough to cause multiple breaks in his collar bone and hair line fractures in the radial head of his left elbow OUCH...  He is recovering well from his surgery though, and we all realize just how incredibly lucky we are.. the cracks and gouges in his bike helmet *shudder* .. not good *shakes head* not good at all!  SO Dicky has now racked up one more broken collar bone than Lance Armstrong, but 7 less than Cadel Evans - just quietly I prefer Lances’s stats ;o)

November 21, 2010

Teddies Worldwide show has STARTED!!

WooHoo!!  The big reveal has happened, and you can now access all the lovely offerings from the 75 participating artists...  grab a coffee and your credit cards, it’s time to SHOP *hehe*

You can find the show, and all the lovely teds here:

.... so what are you waiting for lol?

November 17, 2010

Teddies Worldwide Holiday Show

Sewing sewing sewing.. and a bit more sewing.. is the order of the day here at Chateau Teddy.  It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Melbourne, so as soon as I hit publish on this post I’m going to grab the *censored* I’m working on and sew out in the sunshine :o)  

So why can’t I tell you what I’m working on... well it is a bit of a secret until this weekend!  I am one of 75 artists from around the world participating in the inaugural Teddies Worldwide Holiday Show, and you are only allowed a sneak preview of one bear for each artist...  which makes what I’m doing today Top Secret *shhhhh*!  don’t tell Daphne I even hinted at anything *winks*

So, yeah, one preview picture.... and mine is of Benson the duck.   Who is doing his very best to look suave as he tries to woo you with his bunch of silk flowers lol.  He’s a bit of a smooth one is my Benson *nods knowingly*

So have I piqued your curiosity?  Want to see more?  Excellent!!  For there is much more to see :o)  CLICK HERE and you can see a preview picture of one ted from each of the 75 participating artists.

You want to come now don’t you?  Don’t you!!  :o)  I know you do - how could you miss it lol!  So, on to the details....  The show opens on Saturday the 20th of November at 9.00am New York time, and then finishes on Sunday 21st at 4.00pm New York time....  

I don’t know about you, but that whole time zone conversion thing does my head in, so here is a LINK FOR YOU TO CLICK so you can see exactly what time it will be in your neck of the woods when the show opens... It will be 1am Sunday morning here!  Ah, the interwebz, thank heavens It never sleeps :o) :o) :o)

November 10, 2010

Bears That Care Charity Auction

This Friday night (6.30 for a 7pm start) a group of very special people will be gathering in Melbourne City, at the RACV Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne.  They will be there to support “The Bears That Care” charity bear auction, which is an annual fundraising event, held in support of the Ovcare National Cancer Centre (an initiative of the Fight Cancer Foundation), and YOU are invited to join them.   YEAH!!  Lets all get together and give cancer the kick in the pants it deserves hey!!  There will be bears from all over the world up for auction to try and meet that most worthy aim, and maybe you would like to do your bit by bidding on one/some of them?

I have a little guy in the auction - called Erkle *hehe*.  I didn’t actually name him... Judi, the fundraising manager did, and she got the name from my habit of saying “erk”... yeah, I really need to expand my vocabulary don’t I LOL!?!  You can see all the bears up for auction if you click HERE and then click on the “BearsThatCare 2010” link on the extreme right of the second row of links, but before you go say ‘Hi’ to all the other bears, please hang round here for a minute or two longer and meet my little guy :o)

A couple of full body shots:

Here is a close up of his sweet little face:

..and finally a chance to get up close and personal to his little birdy mate, though keep in mind that this little dude is barely one inch tall in real life :oP

I wanted to produce a really special little ted to honor all those I have lost (or know I will lose sooner rather than later) to cancer, and I think I have done them all justice... 

....what’s that?  Did I hear someone regretting the fact that they are unable to attend the auction?  No worries!!  :o)  Judi has made arrangements for you to bid on what ever you wish from where ever you are :o)  

To place a bid, all you need to do is email Judi HERE the following details before midday on Friday, November the 12th Eastern Daylight Saving Time.
Bidder Name:
Bidder Postal Address:
Pone Number:
Lot Number:  **I couldn’t find this - I’ll ask Judi and update**
Bear Name:
Starting Bid: **remember you are bidding in Australian $**
Maximum Bid:

The Fine Print:  On the night of the auction, where we have an email bidder, once their starting bid is reached, and if there is competition for that bear, the bids will increase by $10 and then $5 as appropriate until bidding ceases. Should the bidding on that particular bear stop within your range, then you will win that item at that price (plus the cost of postage).

HAPPY BIDDING!!  Here is that link to all the other bears again :o)  

October 31, 2010


The perfect way to spend a Sunday?

Hmmm, now what can i think of that would be The Perfect antidote to all the scaaaaary Halloween stuff that will abound this Sunday.....

I KNOW:  Teddies LOL!!  Lots of them!!

As a special added bonus, my 'Bears That Care' OvCare Charity bear will be standing on my table introducing himself to all the passers by, and hoping that you might chose to bid on him come November the 12 (more details to follow)... it's all in a great cause!!

Hope are happy to brave the rain today, so we can see you - and you can see him - there!!

October 16, 2010

A Lovely Surprise: Jo’s Bernie

Every now and then something lands in my inbox that absolutely makes my day.  Last week it was a lovely message from a lady who had recently purchased a couple of my kits... and attached were some pictures of the gorgeous bunny she created using my Bernie kit.  

I tell you, I opened that email and sat there grinning like the Cheshire Cat... nah, make that the Cheshire Cat who was given a saucer of cream by the Mad Hatter and then cuddled by Alice... Happy!!  Yup, I was one happy girl :o) :o) :o)

I think Jo has done such an awesome job on her Bernie, that I wanted to share the cuteness with you too.... How about I shut up now, and share that picture of Jo’s bunny with you:

Isn’t he adorable!?   Sadly I don’t know what she named him... I wish I had thought to ask!  If you did name him Jo, please leave a comment telling us what it is :o)

How about I introduce you to the original Bernie as well...  You can very easily see what a great job Jo did!

I’ll also give you the link to his page on my website, just in case Jo’s adorable little bunny has inspired you to have a go at making your own little Bernie :o)  ... and maybe when you do, you will send me pictures too *big grin*

October 14, 2010

Woodend 2010 is coming...

I’m not actually going to say just how many days left to the Woodend Teddy Bear Show for 2010... You are more than able to see for yourself on the flyer below... and coz, well *panic*...  

Time is flying, and there is much sewing and stuffing happening here at Chateau Teddy, and there shall continue to be until I have completed a whole new group of tiny teds to introduce to you at my table on the 31st :o)  Oh DOH... I went and said the date!  I better get back to stuffing those tiny colourful limbs so the bears will be looking their best when first you meet!

October 12, 2010


Bear making tends to be a fairly solitary process... I know most of my creating is done when it is just me, but every now and then, I can’t shake the feeling that I am being watched...  *tilts head and raises eyebrows*

Can't think why .... lololololololololololol :oP

October 9, 2010

Grey skies be GONE

I know that there are many bear makers who embrace the cooler weather (possibly something to do with heat and mohair not being the best of combinations lol) but for me it is warm sunny days all the way :o)

This is what I saw when I looked up a few months ago:

I mean it is beautiful - I don’t deny that.... but the interminable grey... it just doesn’t make me feel cheerful :o(  Quite the reverse, it does my head in.  And the creeping chill of a Melbourne winter *sigh* it gets into my bones and makes me less than rosey in disposition *winks and giggles*

Oh but a change is coming!  Today when I look skyward, this is what I see:

Now isn’t that better.  Happy.  Sunny.  Infinate blue skies bursting with the promise of long, lazy summer days *happy sigh*... Oh Yes, that is more like it :o)

So what does a girl do to celebrate the long awaited appearance of Spring?  Why, grab a pile of brightly coloured fabrics to turn into bears of course!  

Doesn’t that blue fabric echo the sky perfectly!  The pink is bang on for the magnolia flowers, and such a sunny yellow... it is like a pile of (albeit furry) sunny days :o) :o) :o)  

So what is it that I will be working on when this post goes up?  Nothing less than my brightly coloured army of summer toned happiness.  Bliss!

January 21, 2010

2010 TOBY's Industry Choice winners

2010 industry

Last Saturday, the Crossroads Doll and Teddy Show in San Diego saw the announcement of the 2010 TOBY Industry Choice nominees. Here are the talented, and lucky, nominees:

Miniature Artist Bear

JoJo Michelle Lamb, One & Only Bears

Cuddle Byunghwa Ahn, ansbear

Bonds of Love Erika Knirsch, Crunchy Bears

Sleepy Bear Cub "Tiramisu" Kumiko & Masaru Nakano, Ma'Sal Creations

Giddy Up Katherine Hallam, Katie Rae Bears

Small Artist Bear, Dressed

Little Coconut, Forgotten Angel Series Tami Lahey, Dolls N Dreams

Calin Denise Purrington, Out of the Forest Bears

Pfeifer The Patriot Ron & Kristy Northman, Captain Rons Bears

Lilly Robert Formon, Bear Hearts

Celestina Jenny Johnson, Three OClock Bears

Small Artist Bear, Undressed

Grizwald Denise Purrington, Out of the Forest Bears

Cassey Linda Joan Chiasson, Bear in Mind Collectibles

Snezhana -- Ina Smirnova

Moses Annei Leung, Merry Bears by Annei Leung

Flurry Cindy Cherry, CC Bears Australia

Large Artist Bear, Dressed

Katarina Michelle Lamb, One & Only Bears

Peter Lori Simon, Furbearsake

Little Red Riding Hood Harumi Kajihara

Miss Emmaline Karen Brady Hammontree, Brady Bears Studio

Diago Kim Russell, Russel Bears

Large Artist Bear, Undressed

Mira Britta Helberg

Teddy Linda Joan Chiasson, Bear in Mind Collectibles

Knutely Karin De Lorenzo

Neopolitan Helen Gleeson, Bare Cub Designs

Radcliff Lori Simon, Furbearsake

Artist Set or Vignette

Thomas' Big Present Karen Lyons, K.J. Lyons Design

My Best Friend Stinky Petra Schöpe, Heartbear

Cuddles - Aiko Kawamoto, Aiko Bear

Guardians of the Flock - Carol Thompson, Thymeless Treasures

We Are Family Britta Helberg

Small Artist Friends

Belle Jutta Michels, Mic Bären und Hasen

Gina Silvia Gilles, Gilles Baeren

The Squire Shelly Allison, The Rabbit Maker

Diego Krista Griffiths, Pawz Creations

Gosling Cindy Malchoff, My Apple Tree

Large Artist Friends

Ferdinand Michelle Lamb, One & Only Bears

The White Warrior Gordon & Peggy Hayes, Unicorn

The Stray Karen Lyons, K.J. Lyons Design

Racker Karin De Lorenzo

Charlie Krista Griffiths, Pawz Creations

Artist Creation, Nontraditional Materials

Phinneus Kelly Graham, Ted E. Graham Originals

Bottles & Bugs Glenda Rolle

The Last Dragon Gordon & Peggy Hayes, Unicorn

Sugar Sue Peterson

James Carol Thompson, Thymeless Treasures

Small Manufactured Bear

Beefeater Hermann-Spielwaren GmbH

Tea House Keeper Gloria Chan

Alexandra The Butterfly Bear Steiff North America

Elf Bear Ganz

Holly N. Ivy The Bearington Collection

Large Manufactured Bear

Wiesenwirt "O'zapft is" Oktoberfest Hermann-Spielwaren GmbH

Sonneberg Museums Bear 2009 Hermann-Spielwaren GmbH

Prince, The Trademark Bear Steiff North America

Giant Nicholas Northpole The Bearington Collection

Lots of Love Ladybug The Bearington Collection

Manufactured Friends

The First Dog, White House Series Hermann-Spielwaren GmbH

Gloria The Springtime Bunny Steiff North America

Fifi The Bearington Collection

Piggywinkle Toeshoes The Bearington Collection

Best of luck to all :o)