April 30, 2009

Mushrooms anyone?

I present to you photographic proof that i am completely and utterly barking mad :o/  


You see, i get these “Brilliant Ideas”, and in the case of this 2cm mushroom - mmhmmm that IS less than 1 inch - before I actually paused to wonder if it was a good idea, I was off and running with it lol....and it wasn’t until i had drawn the pattern, sewn it up, and started to *try* and turn it right side out that I fully comprehended what a fiddly little bugger a micro sized mushroom was going to be.  I am fiercely proud of it :o) but Oh,  I do long for the day where my brain activates Before my fingers do lol....mine are still sore from making this little *erm herm* darling lol.....

April 25, 2009


The creative juices have been flowing here at Chateau Teddy - I have FINALLY worked out how I want to make the dragon i have been contemplating for...oooooh 5 years now lol!  YAH *dances around in triumph* I am really excited at the thought of putting pencil to paper and starting to draft the pattern!!  I even made the most of my time in the dental chair, the other day, to nut out how I would make the claws....who woulda thought that dreaming of dragons could be such a good defense against the monster that is the dentists drill lol!

I would *like* to think that this time next week will find me in a similar state to now - happy, warm and comfy on the sofa, secure in the knowledge that ALL my bear work for the day is done (maybe even with the added bonus of my football team, again, doing as well as they have this weekend lol).....the reality will more than likely be quite different, but still, it is an alluring thought :o)

So, why would I care about this time next week??  Good question!  This time next week will be Saturday May 2nd.....the Melbourne Teddy Show, at which the fruits of my last few months labour will be found, is on Sunday May 3rd.  EEEEP :o/  Will I be as calm and relaxed as I am now?  Probably not lol!  Will I be ready.  Absolutely!   The bears will be too :o)  There will be a selection of new little critters putting in an appearance, and to make sure you can find them, here are the details you will need:


Please do stop by if you possibly can, and IF you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me, or the lovely Brenda (organizer), a line on roseyday@netspace.net.au or preciousdolls@bigpond.com respectively :o)  We really hope to see you there!!

p.s. for a bigger version of the pink show flyer please visit the show news page of my website here

April 17, 2009

My kingdom for a blurple...


Here at Chateau Teddy, things are not going quite as smoothly as a girl would like....the bin has an excess of broken threads and there are eyeballs rolling all over the floor (that is onyx teddy ones btw, not mine lol).  I am, how ever, ecstatic to report that I have nearly completed the much disliked task of sewing on ears for this batch of bears YAHHHHHHHHH!!! 

Todays task is noses...now i understand that sewing noses is the least favourite moment for many a bear maker, though for some odd reason I’ve always loved this bit (o;  But then I also love putting together flat pack furniture (Ikea-itis perhaps?) so maybe I just have a talent for finding fun in the unlikeliest of places lol?!?!

So anyway, I have it in my head that one of the little bears i am working on at the moment will emerge as a butterfly - one in shades of ivory, pink and purple......so i crack open my nose thread box and survey the scene.  UhOh!!  Can some one please tell me, is there a law demanding that no matter how many skeins of a particular colour one buys, down the track, that PERFECT shade - the one you see so clearly in your head - will not be among the ones before you??  

Seriously lol, all I want is a mid tone blurple (that is bluey purple btw lol) to use for my little bugs nose.....C’MON *face palm*!!!!  I have red based purples.....dusty purples.....pastel purples.....blues that aren’t quite purple.....I even have a variegated purple.....but a nice, simple little blurple for my wee bug?  Nope.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch )o:  Ho Hum, maybe yesterdays ears weren’t so bad after all  *hehe*  *wanders off grinding teeth and muttering to self*.....

April 12, 2009

Have a happy & SAFE Easter!!

This was bought to my attention by a fellow bear maker.....and to carry on the fun, I choose to share it with you now (o:


turn up your speakers and get hip hip hopping to those crazy bunny beats...

Let the TOBY voting begin...

It is a mere three weeks out from my first bear show of the year, so it is not unreasonable to expect much sewing, sculpting, snipping and stuffing to be going on here at Chateau Teddy.  Yet here I sit, putting my honors degree in Advanced Procrastination Techniques to good use lol....which, in this instance, translates to my sitting here stuffing about on the computer *insert sheepish grin here*

Yet, my friends,  there IS benefit in this!  I have made the happy discovery that voting for the 2009 Public Choice Winners has begun.....


It used to be that living in this corner of the world meant a girl would miss out on voting in the TOBY’s, but ahh, the joys of the interwebs now mean that anyone with access to an internet connection can join in.  Yippppeeeee I say!!!!!  I’m not entirely sure how long online voting will be open for, but the 2009 TOBY Public Choice winners will be announced on the 15th of August at TBAI.

As I write I am halfway through voting.....and oh the amazing creations!  My poor brain needed a break lol.  This years Industry Choice Winners are superb!!  I had the devil of a time trying to decide who to vote for in Category 7, the “Artists Friends”.....all I can say is that it is just as well it’s Easter, as I wouldn’t want to be making these choices with out the support of my friend the chocolate bunny  :oD

Ready to have your say too?  CLICK HERE to cast your votes.

April 8, 2009

New girl on the block

*steps in*....
*looks around tentatively*.....
*sees YOU, smiles and waves*

Hey there (o: A visitor!!! Looks like I have officially joined the bear blogosphere.....I know there are plenty of fabulous teddy blogs out there, i read quite a few of them, but this one, well.....this one is mine. The down under, Aussie accented, mini bear version of the teddy making trade according to ME *hehe* :oD

As opposed to real life - where i can chatter the legs off a chair - my current plan is to pop my head up here when i have something i think is worth sharing....which may mean I am posting regularly OR may leave the blog covered in cobwebs for long stretches lol. Only time will tell :o) But please, do join me for the ride - it should be fun!

Rosey xox