July 16, 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a Parade... Yup, definitely a Parade! It's Bears on Parade

... Can you hear something?  *tilts head sideways for more effective listening*

... Sounds like *tilts head in the other direction* 

Music!  ... and Laughter  ... and large amounts of furry style frivolity ...

Reallly!!  Listen ...  Something is afoot, I’m sure it is ...

YES!!  LOOK!!  Here comes the Parade <3
So, get your marching boots on and come join in the fun with the rest of us :o)

It can all be found at www.teddiesworldwide.com

We are all waiting for you ... but only until 4pm Sunday afternoon (New York time, that's 6am Monday morning for my fellow Aussies on AEST) so don’t put off joining the festivities for too long, or you may well find the parade has passed you by, and all that is left is sawdust and some glitter....

July 2, 2011

Bears on Parade Preview is GO!!!

My My, time does fly when you are having fun, and I have definitely been having a blast working on my little critters for the Bears on Parade online show .... not that there have been any explosions or anything :oP but there has definitely been some BOOM BOOM BOOM noises from the little drummer boy I made especially for the preview :o)

I’ll introduce you to him shall I?  His name is Pierre 
He is but one of 75 teds from artists all around the globe, who are currently a part of the Bears on Parade online show preview :o)  You can GO HERE now and check out the other 74 preview teds .... and you can do so until July 15th :o)  THEN the real fun begins :o)  The show opens at 4pm New York time (*cough* that’s 6am for me here in Melbourne *splutter*) and runs through until 4pm (also NYT) on the 17th.  Click HERE to find out what the time will be in your neck of the woods.

But I digress :o)  When you get to the PREVIEW PAGE there are a few changes from the last show :o)  This time all the preview ted’s images are clickable so you can have an even bigger sneak peek :oP  We like that!

ANNNNNND even more exciting, this show Daphne has introduced the “Collectors Choice Award”

Voting is open to everyone, and is very easy!  You chose your favourite ted in the mini section, then vote for that artist/ted by clicking on their name, at which point a confirmation message will pop up, leaving you in no doubt you have been successful at putting your favourite in the running for the award :o)  You then get to chose a second bear in the full size category ... but only one in each category mind.  The winning ted/artist in each category will be announced at the start of the show, and a picture of the winning teds will also feature in a write up Teddy Bear Review are going to do about the show in the December issue :o)  Cool huh!?!

So :o)  Off you go now - go take a peek at all the critters, great and small, who make up the preview of the Bears on Parade online show ... www.teddiesworldwide.com