June 23, 2009



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June 12, 2009

I've been tagged....


The lovely Melly of Melbears Quality Collectibles has tagged my blog for the “One Lovely Blog” award :o)  What fun!!  Thanks Mel *mwah*

The deal is that once you are tagged, you have to answer the following questions (deleting one you dislike, and replacing it with a new one of your own)...then you have to tag 7 other blogs that you feel are deserving of the description...but first to the questions:

What is your current obsession?

beauty blogs

What is your horoscope and do you relate to it?

I am a Cancer, though I was born 2 weeks late so I should have been a Gemini....and I do combine an odd jumble of traits from the 2 signs.  Hmmm, I wonder, how does when you should have been born interact with when you were actually born?  Particularly pertinent in this age of scheduled caesarians I’d suggest...

What are you wearing today?

A knowing smile 

What was the last thing you bought?

A pair of black/white Chuck Taylors...If I like ‘em I’m going to get a pink/purple pair too :oD

What is your favorite Holiday?

Christmas - I am unashamedly addicted to fairy lights, and what better time of year to go nuts with strings and strings of them lol!

A guilty pleasure?

life is too short to indulge in guilt, though on the rare occasion I do, it usually because I have buried my head in a book, pointedly ignoring all the other things demanding my attention ;o)

What is your must have item for Summer?

A lovely fresh pedicure...I feel naked with out nail polish!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would it be?

A street cafe in a fashionable part of Paris, where I could sit watching all the glamorous people strolling past and soak up the atmosphere

What is your favourite piece of clothing from your closet?

A fitted black shirt with tiny white spots, white piping and puffed cap sleeves - it is a really cute retro chic design

What is your dream job?

working in the Behavioral Sciences Unit of the FBI....quite a way from teddies hey lolololol

What do you consider a Fashion faux pas?

grottiness *shudder*...not washing is so NOT cool

When I was a child I wanted to be......


What are you going to do after this?

Hit publish and go get a hot cup of tea.  Mmmm hot tea.....

What are your favourtie past-times and hobbies?

reading; music; watching old Hollywood (and the English equivalent) movies; cold war espionage - fictional ( James Bond etc) and factual (Cambridge spies etc);  criminology;  sewing;  internet shopping;  watching cycling - Yah!  Only one month to the the Tour De France :o) 

Have you got pets at home?

4 cats:  3 siamese females - seal point Louise (aka Weiner) and 2 of her daughters, blue point Cricket (aka ducky) and lilac point BB.  1 chocolate Burmese male called Jamie

What are you proud of?

Hand rearing my kitty Cricket from an extremely sick newborn, to the healthy little (7 yr old) monster she is today...wanna see a pic of my baby?  K :o)


....and the 7 blogs i choose to tag with this award are

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Caya’s Corner

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Karen’s Bears and Other Things

Louise Peers

Puddle Maker 

Sarahs’ Scribbles   

June 11, 2009

Waking in a Winter Wonderland....

Not exactly bear related, but - for a girl who lives at sea level, and has never seen snow in real life - definitely note worthy!!

This morning at 4am, I heard the skies open and mother nature begin to positively chuck it down. I knew there was hail: the noise combined with my sudden goose bumps (from the accompanying drop in temperature) were a dead giveaway lol, but I was (mostly) warm and comfortable so I decided to leave Mother Nature to get on with her business while I got on with mine...

...so imagine my surprise when the sun came up to reveal that Chateau Teddy had been blanketed in a layer of ice bubbles! The hail stones you see had survived a good 3 - 4 hours in the pre-dawn chill. How awesome must it have looked after that first downpour!?! Check out these pics - the ice was already starting to melt by the time, camera in hand, I braved the big chill, but there was still a pretty thick layer of the stuff :o) Click on the pic for a bigger image....

Can you believe the delicious irony - our poor wilty pink camellia, dehydrated from season after season with out decent rain fall, surrounded by ice lol....what a wacky woman our Ma Nature can be lololololol :o)

I do hope violets can survive being packed in ice....

BBrrrrrrr *shivers*

June 3, 2009

Free wall paper from pixelgirlpresents.com

I tend to have a very low boredom threshold when it comes to the pictures I use as background on  my laptop - I change a minimum of once a week, so I am always on the hunt for new wallpaper...

One of my favourite hunting grounds is the wonderful Pixelgirl Presents :o)  Browsing there earlier I came across this little sweetie, and decided he was just Too Cute not to share!


Talk about cuteness overload :o)  You can download the picture here

June 2, 2009

A whisper of things to come...

Choosing fabric combinations for the critters dancing in my imagination is one of my favourite parts of bear making......I can pull out all my prettiest fabrics, make a nice pot of tea and settle to playing in my stash to my hearts content :o) Sometimes I even get some work done lol (o;  

.....and this, my friends, is exactly what has been happening at Chateau Teddy for the last week or so.  My front room found itself covered in bits of fabric - the table, the chairs, no flat surface escaped......Until finally the seemingly chaotic jumble of colours and textures transformed themselves into neat(ish) piles on the pink chaise, just as you see before you......

My fellow bear makers will have instantly recognized each of those seemingly random piles as a little teddy....complimentary pieces of fabric that hold so much promise and potential.  Is that a Mouse you see?  A Super Hero perhaps?  Those of you who looked at the center pile and declared “JESTER” have just earned yourselves a Pink Elephant *wink wink* stamp :o)  

*happy sigh* Can you see the critters springing to life from these fabric piles too?