April 26, 2015

Time for Pet-Palooza 2015 Peeps!!

Teddies Worldwide show time again!

Pet-Palooza is the theme for this incarnation, which means an entire menagerie of loveable friends … y'know, the kind you would happily adopt as a family pet …. are waiting to welcome you to their pages :) and maybe, just maybe, you will want to welcome one of them into your life too!

The show is on now, and all the wonderful furry friends will be available to view at www.teddiesworldwide.com until Sunday 4pm (New York time) … which for my local peeps is 6am Monday morning AEST.  

To summarise …. No lions.  No tigers.  No bears.   OH MY!  But lots of Bunnies.  And Kitties.  And Puppies.  OH YES!

Not to forget mice, ratties and miscellaneous other rodents.  So CUTE … and one should NEVER ignore an invitation from royalty!  FACT ;)

Right, nothing more to read here, certainly nothing to see when compared to the wonders you will see at the show!  So shoo, off you go now  :)  

March 23, 2014

Teddy Bear Extravaganza

It was just a few weeks ago that i thought to myself "mmmmMm the Bear Extravaganza will be here before i know it …." and tell you what, I wasn't wrong - it seems like just a few moments have passed.  Which could, of course, simply be lack of sleep lol, but more likely because it *is* true - time does fly!  

So, with only a little over 24 hours left of Teddies Worldwides first show of the year, I suggest you click on THIS LINK and head on over to check out all the gorgeous teds before they are gone … it will only be a blink of the eye you know ;O)

click to enlarge 
A couple of my little teds have already found homes, but at time of posting
click to enlarge
click to enlarge
click to enlarge
are still looking for a place to live  …. maybe you would like to make it your house?

March 17, 2014

Teddies Worldwide … the fun continues!

I have to confess, I was going to wait until just before the show began to blog about it … it is very late here in Aus now, and I am exhausted and feeling really unwell, BUT, as they say, the show must go on, so I'm taking a quick break to recharge the creative batteries before I start sewing noses.

Oh Yes, i *am* That far behind in my preparations for this show :o(

Anyway, I had been sitting here scoffing erm politely consuming spaghetti with my impeccable manners whilst watching cycling on the telly… but as i am a super efficient multitasking super woman *cough*, I  also opened my laptop and began browsing the preview bears. 

Yeahhhhhh so complete multitasking super woman fail!  My pasta is stone cold, and I couldn't tell you who is leading the peloton (or break away?) right now coz i got totally and utterly distracted by the awesomeness of the preview bears …. all bears this show, Teddy Bears is the theme itself.

I finally made up my mind who to vote for in the Collectors Choice award ….. may I just say what an awesomely strong Australian contingent there is in this show.  Like WOW!!  I know the kind of talent we have here coz I saw it at the Woodend Show last year, but yeah … just WOW!  There is no need to take my word for it, if you haven't already seen the bears, you can head over to the show page where the link to take you to the preview bears awaits :o) Just don't dally too long if you wanted to vote coz on the 19th, the preview ends and the show begins in earnest, which means shopping, which is probably more fun that just voting huh lol … but happily, you are most welcome to do both :oP

Oh, and while i have your attention - and before i sign off - I should probably plug my little girl huh lol!?!  Mmmm, so here she is, two and a half inches of cuteness called Flossie.  Better go make her some mates now hey!

click to enlarge

March 25, 2013


I know I said I'd try to post more pics of my wee darlings during the show, but the truth is, every time I had some ready to go, another bear sold!!!

Now don't get me wrong, that is NOT a complaint …. Oh No Sireeeee, I am flattered and humbled!  It just means that I kept holding back on sharing pics because …. well …. because it felt plain ol' mean to taunt you with stuff that had been sold already lol!!

But now there is soooo little time left, I'm Just going to take the risk …. So, with no further ado, please meet my 2 remaining teds:

Click to enlarge

And Tippy:
Click to enlarge

These last 2 have been squabbling all night over who is more deserving of a new home!
Click to enlarge

Quite frankly I need someone to buy at least one of them, simply to give me a few moments peace lol!  

And, just quietly, I could have sworn I heard a chorus of "nobody loves you, everybody hates you, you should go and eat worms …." coming from the direction of where they are all currently hanging out together.  Surely I could never create bears that mean though ….. could I ROFL?!?!?!

NO!!  No, I'm sure that was just my overtired imagination lol.  Yup, Definitely my imagination ...

March 22, 2013


…  A teddy one!  

Even better, a Teddies Worldwide one!!  

A Teddies Worldwide Teddy Bear Extravaganza Internet Show *does a little happy dance*.
So have you popped over to have a squiz at the preview teds yet … i think it is safe to say "WOW"!!  

I kid you not, the teds that can be seen on the preview page HERE  are Ah-Maze-Zing!  My little guy - Tolly - is hanging out with the other teds in the "miniature" category.  If you are looking for a particular artist, the teds are listed alphabetically based on the trading name of the artist :o)  Just click on the small pics to get a bigger pop up version 

… like so

I am having a right tough time trying to narrow down my favourite teds to vote for in the 'Collectors Choice Award'.  There are 5 categories this show - dressed, undressed (bare), boy, girl and best in show - which kinda makes it easier because i can show the love to more teds, but YIKES they are all so cute it is still mighty hard lol!!

Voting ends 4 hours prior to the show going live at 4pm Friday afternoon (New York time - which is 7am Saturday morning for me and everyone else in the AET zone) so there isn't buckets of time left for me to make up my mind either :(  check HERE to see what time it will be in your neck of the woods :)

November 16, 2012

...what on earth is she up to?!?!

OOooohhhh I can be Such a tease lolololol!!  

Not long before the BIG REVEAL though, I promise :o)  

.... Midday AEDST today!!  See, told you there wasn't much longer to wait!!

Something exciting is coming ....

.... but i ca-aant telllll you coz ittssss a-ah sseeeeec-cccret 

*whispers* I can give you this tiny little hint though *side eye with a knowing look and  raised eyebrow*

*skips off with a cheeky wink and a knowing smile*