September 6, 2009

My critters are in Teddy Bear & Friends magazine...


A rather lovely parcel arrived for me a short while back.... and in amongst the goodies was the current issue of Teddy Bear and Friends magazine :o) This in itself is always cause for celebration - I love browsing my teddy mags - but this one is just a tiny bit more special (for me) than most!!

MmmHHmm :o) *nods* Yup, indeed it is!! Go grab your copies now and flip on over to page 40 :o) YAHHH!! Those are my little critters ...I was so excited to get my hands on this issue and see the pictures that were chosen and the words that were written. I’ve been around the bear world for quite a while now - and i’ve been in my fair share of magazines too - but I’m still like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to seeing my little guys featured between the pages of these magazines. Not to mention how flattering and awesome it feels to be included in the same publications as stories about, and pictures from, other bear artists I admire so much. Life can be So Cool sometimes! Enough babble from me, go check out my page :o) Thats page 40 by the way :oP


The bunny you see before you, by the way, is Godfrey, who spends his days hanging out with me and waiting for a new mum (or dad) to come along and adopt him... Maybe you like the look of him and would be interested in clicking HERE to go say “hi” to him over on the website?


Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

Well done Rosey :) I kept meaning to write to you to say Congrats!!! tehe, no, it never does get old does it ;)

Rosey said...

never :o)

Matilda said...

that is wonderful news Rosey. I just love your little critters.

Catherine Gabriel said...

Oh wow, looks like a fantastic article Rosey, congrats!!

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