March 4, 2011

Blooming Bear Show

*titters* Down here in Aus, “blooming” is a bit of a swear word... only a minor one, a swear word lite shall we say lol ... but still, every time I see the name of this show my mind reverts back to that of a 12 year old boy and *giggles*

.... but that is probably enough of confession time from me lol, you want to hear about the show and the teds... and oh my!  The Teds, The TEDS!!!   Just Gorgeous <3

Daphne has done a fabulous job putting it all together, and the Preview is now open HERE  Each of us participating artists has one bear included on the preview page for your viewing pleasure... and I’ve already taken a look, so I can emphatically and categorically state that all the wonderful teds really do make checking it out a pleasure!  

Here is a sneak peek at the first of mine, but to see more you will have to come to the show itself... but you already know you want to do that anyway, don’t you *winks*

Can’t wait to present my remaining 4 teds to you on the weekend of March the 12th!! 


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