January 27, 2012

I am Australian!

Happy Australia Day to all our sons and daughters spinning ‘round the world!!  ... it’s possibly getting a little late to wish it to the locals (except for the night owls like myself that is lol) but that’s what happens when you forget to hit the publish button *cringes with embarrassment*  

Roo is enjoying a brew on your behalf :oP

I don’t generally make a big song and dance about being an Aussie - the internet breaks down borders so well it really doesn’t feel necessary, but every now and then I do like to shout it out!  I am an Aussie, and I’m damn proud of it *nods with conviction*.

So I’ll take this opportunity to share one of my favourite patriotic songs with you - I don’t mind admitting that whenever I hear this song there’s a swell of pride in my chest .. and when I heard the special version at the Black Saturday bushfire memorial - shell shocked by the images I’d been seeing day after day, with the smoke from the fires still hanging heavy over my home - I’m not sure which was bigger, the pride or the lump in my throat... I certainly made my fair share of tissues soggy that day lol!  But I digress ... the people you see on this video - they are my people, and yeah, I’m proud to stand up and be counted amongst them!  

I am Australian :o)

and p.s. Happy Birthday to my darling baby brother ... well maybe not so baby anymore, but he will *always* be 18 months younger lol!  Hope you are tearing those hills apart dude!!


Kays Kids said...

I'm with you Rose, I get a lump in my throat with any one singing that song. Let alone on that memorial day.
I feel very lucky to live in Australia.

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Thanks for sharing the video with us, Rosey. Being in the US, we had never heard this song before. My daughter and I really enjoyed hearing it--very lovely.


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