June 3, 2009

Free wall paper from pixelgirlpresents.com

I tend to have a very low boredom threshold when it comes to the pictures I use as background on  my laptop - I change a minimum of once a week, so I am always on the hunt for new wallpaper...

One of my favourite hunting grounds is the wonderful Pixelgirl Presents :o)  Browsing there earlier I came across this little sweetie, and decided he was just Too Cute not to share!


Talk about cuteness overload :o)  You can download the picture here


Catherine Gabriel said...

What a cool website. I haven't come across that one before. I've downloaded "MissYucki's Adventure in Africa" as my background. LOVE it!

Melanie Clark said...

I've tagged you for the Lovely Blog award.
Vist my blog for the details.


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