July 13, 2009

Deep, dark and mysterious...


....Mmmm, and aren’t they gorgeous? They are a deeper, darker, shiny metallic in real life, and their gorgeousness dictates that they live at the very top of my favourite beads list! These beauties have been worn by, or used to accessorize, many a critter of mine :o) Sadly, or happily(?) because of this, what you see in the picture there is all I have left of them - barely enough to make it around a small teds neck.....a most unacceptable state of affairs I must say.....

.....But, we all know what that means, don’t we lol?! SHOPPING!! Oooooh shopping. Ahhhh Shopping *happy sigh*. Definitely one of lifes more enjoyable pursuits here at Chateau Teddy :o)

*makes pot of tea and spreads out colour chart*

now, do I reallly need that pack of transparent matte purple? MMhhmmmm, Yes I Do! Indeed I DO :oD


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