August 11, 2009

TB&F is on Twitter ...AND Facebook


OK, so I know there isn’t a mass of bear makers out in the twittersphere right now - or if there are I’ve not found them yet lol...but I’m hoping the arrival of one of our favourite bear magazine will help to change that :o) YAH!!

Teddy Bear & Friends magazine have taken the plunge and opened up an account, and you can find them right HERE

I am thrilled that the magazine has chosen to open up the line of communication between themselves and their can only do us all the world of good to be able to twitter away about the things we love, and would like to see more of between the magazines pages, as well as the magazine reaching out to us for ideas and contributions that we can give to them :o) Anything like this that can revitalize our industry and bring more members into our community is a good thing in my book!

I also love that the list of people following Teddy Bear & Friends will be a wonderful place for anyone with a twitter account to start connecting with other teddy enthusiasts :o) At the time of writing they haven’t accumulated many followers - yet - though hopefully time will see that change and before long their account will be one big, happy hug of chattering bear artists and collectors. Now how cool would that be?!


facebook big icon

Oh dear, I really do have a most dreadful memory lol! As Matilda Huggington Bear has so kindly pointed out (in the comments section) there is another social network that Teddy Bear & Friends magazine can be found on... Facebook :o)

Even better, not only can Teddy Bear and Friends fan page be found on Facebook HERE BUT the Teddy Bear Review magazine fan page can be found HERE Two of our favourite bear magazines in the one just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it!


Matilda said...

rosey my dear there are so many forums dedicated to bears and their friends. There is a huge network of bear enthusiasts linking together on FB and we are able to visit their blogs and websites from those venues. Why oh why do we all need to collect at twitter? I can't handle all the venues I am a member of now. I certainly am not adding another one where my presence will be missing for most of the time.
There are many venues and bear clubs I havent joined even after repeated invitations. Because I simply cannot cope with it all. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.
my dear I do wish you all the best at your twittering. I'm just sorry I wont be joining you.

Rosey said...

ahhh good point my dear Matilda :oP I had totally forgotten about FaceBook!! I shall update the post accordingly. Thank you *mwah*

Now don't you be hating on twitter no more! We have chatted about this before, and I know it is not something that appeals to you....but that doesn't mean it can't now - or won't in the future - be right for others :o) Yes, there are many different social networks, but each offers it's users something a little different. Vive la différence I say :o)

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