October 9, 2010

Grey skies be GONE

I know that there are many bear makers who embrace the cooler weather (possibly something to do with heat and mohair not being the best of combinations lol) but for me it is warm sunny days all the way :o)

This is what I saw when I looked up a few months ago:

I mean it is beautiful - I don’t deny that.... but the interminable grey... it just doesn’t make me feel cheerful :o(  Quite the reverse, it does my head in.  And the creeping chill of a Melbourne winter *sigh* it gets into my bones and makes me less than rosey in disposition *winks and giggles*

Oh but a change is coming!  Today when I look skyward, this is what I see:

Now isn’t that better.  Happy.  Sunny.  Infinate blue skies bursting with the promise of long, lazy summer days *happy sigh*... Oh Yes, that is more like it :o)

So what does a girl do to celebrate the long awaited appearance of Spring?  Why, grab a pile of brightly coloured fabrics to turn into bears of course!  

Doesn’t that blue fabric echo the sky perfectly!  The pink is bang on for the magnolia flowers, and such a sunny yellow... it is like a pile of (albeit furry) sunny days :o) :o) :o)  

So what is it that I will be working on when this post goes up?  Nothing less than my brightly coloured army of summer toned happiness.  Bliss!


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