November 10, 2010

Bears That Care Charity Auction

This Friday night (6.30 for a 7pm start) a group of very special people will be gathering in Melbourne City, at the RACV Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne.  They will be there to support “The Bears That Care” charity bear auction, which is an annual fundraising event, held in support of the Ovcare National Cancer Centre (an initiative of the Fight Cancer Foundation), and YOU are invited to join them.   YEAH!!  Lets all get together and give cancer the kick in the pants it deserves hey!!  There will be bears from all over the world up for auction to try and meet that most worthy aim, and maybe you would like to do your bit by bidding on one/some of them?

I have a little guy in the auction - called Erkle *hehe*.  I didn’t actually name him... Judi, the fundraising manager did, and she got the name from my habit of saying “erk”... yeah, I really need to expand my vocabulary don’t I LOL!?!  You can see all the bears up for auction if you click HERE and then click on the “BearsThatCare 2010” link on the extreme right of the second row of links, but before you go say ‘Hi’ to all the other bears, please hang round here for a minute or two longer and meet my little guy :o)

A couple of full body shots:

Here is a close up of his sweet little face:

..and finally a chance to get up close and personal to his little birdy mate, though keep in mind that this little dude is barely one inch tall in real life :oP

I wanted to produce a really special little ted to honor all those I have lost (or know I will lose sooner rather than later) to cancer, and I think I have done them all justice... 

....what’s that?  Did I hear someone regretting the fact that they are unable to attend the auction?  No worries!!  :o)  Judi has made arrangements for you to bid on what ever you wish from where ever you are :o)  

To place a bid, all you need to do is email Judi HERE the following details before midday on Friday, November the 12th Eastern Daylight Saving Time.
Bidder Name:
Bidder Postal Address:
Pone Number:
Lot Number:  **I couldn’t find this - I’ll ask Judi and update**
Bear Name:
Starting Bid: **remember you are bidding in Australian $**
Maximum Bid:

The Fine Print:  On the night of the auction, where we have an email bidder, once their starting bid is reached, and if there is competition for that bear, the bids will increase by $10 and then $5 as appropriate until bidding ceases. Should the bidding on that particular bear stop within your range, then you will win that item at that price (plus the cost of postage).

HAPPY BIDDING!!  Here is that link to all the other bears again :o)  


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