December 6, 2010

The protective properties of the packing peanut...

Some days, laughter can be the best medicine ... and with the curve ball** that was recently thrown us here at Chateau Teddy, it was just what the doctor ordered :o)  Friday morning I wander out to the kitchen all yawny and sleepy eyed to be greeted by a parcel waiting on the kitchen table.  A big one!   My bleary brain instantly went into overdrive trying to remember what on earth I had ordered that could possibly arrive in such a big parcel... only to screech to a surprised halt when I saw the sender and realized that the huge box contained my new (but small) shading pens!   WOOT :o)

....and double bonus, there would be enough extra packing in this baby to send off at least 4 teds in soft cushiony comfort....why yes, I do do enough internet shopping that I hardly ever need to buy packing peanuts *hehe*, nothing wrong with that ;o)  move along, nothing to see here *giggles*

...and there wasn’t much to see in the box either LOL!  Hows this for a packing FAIL?!?
One poor, solitary little packing peanut rattling around in a box way too big for the pens it contains... poor thing took a right beating too :o(  It’s not quite flat, but it’s definitely seen better days...

I don’t know - is it a random escapee that was never meant to be there.. does the seller have a spectacularly miserly packing peanut policy...?  It's a mystery that will likely remain unanswered, but despite our friend the peanuts sorry lack of friends and diminutive size, it did a good job :o)  My pens are in perfect condition... can’t wait to have a play with these babies! 

Not to mention it gave me a good laugh too, which is always a bonus! 

**the12” extended version**
Cycling to work monday last, to avoid crashing into a right turning car that didn’t see him, Ric slammed on his brakes, flew over his handlebars, and hit the road hard enough to cause multiple breaks in his collar bone and hair line fractures in the radial head of his left elbow OUCH...  He is recovering well from his surgery though, and we all realize just how incredibly lucky we are.. the cracks and gouges in his bike helmet *shudder* .. not good *shakes head* not good at all!  SO Dicky has now racked up one more broken collar bone than Lance Armstrong, but 7 less than Cadel Evans - just quietly I prefer Lances’s stats ;o)


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