December 24, 2010

Teddy Bear and Friends Winter 2010 issue: I’m in it!! YAH

Some things just never get old.. no matter how much they are repeated they remain full of WIN!  Hugs from friends, the smell of coffee brewing, the first camellia of the season... and seeing my little ted’s in print :o) :o) you can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw the familiar A4 envelope slide under the gate and the realization of what it contained dawned on me lol!!  I think I had that baby ripped open, and my nose buried in the magazine in about 5.76 seconds flat <3

A few more seconds more and I was reading the article in question, aptly named “Good things come in small packages” and  written by the lovely Felicia Hymer (AKA The Bear Scout).  My little ted’s can be found a few pages into the story on pages 40 and 41

Coincidentally the ted of mine pictured - Ellory - has his head buried in a good read too :oP

I am also waiting on a hard copy of the current Teddy Bear Review, that has an article with me in it too *so excited* but never fear that all this attention will give me a big head... as you can see, our Louise made it quite clear that her beauty routine was of far more import, and interest for that matter, than my excited babble about magazines.  Nothing like a Siamese to bring a girl back down to earth hey ROFL!


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