January 12, 2011

The Kindness.... of Strangers and Friends!

It’s no secret that I love getting parcels in the post *hums “brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things”* and the arrival of this particular parcel totally made my day!

It’s not so much that it’s arrival was a big surprise - I have been happily anticipating it’s arrival for quite some time - or the fact that it contains fabric from my mini making idol Debbie Kesling... DEBBIE KESLING *swoons*... no, it was the way that this particular parcel arrived.  Or should I say the fact that it arrived at all, that blew my socks off :o)  

Check this out!!  Our less-than-stellar mail service managed to confuse their numbers, and deliver the envelope to the wrong address :o/  But *dances* the wonderful Kelly of 320 - to whom the parcel was wrongly delivered - worked out the numbers, wrote me a sweet little note and slipped the parcel under my gate, ensuring that my fabulous Debbie Kesling fabric ... DEBBIE KESLING!.... made it safely into my hands :o)  ... and while part of me thinks she just did what anyone else would do, I know she went above and beyond, as there is another parcel I recently had go missing :o) and to who ever the lucky person who scored my lovely face oil is, I hope you are enjoying it.  Not!

But this particular parcel has a happy ending, and I am now the proud and ecstatic owner of 5 gorgeous pieces of Debbie Kesling’s... DEBBIE KESLING’S .... fabric :o)  I already have plans for 2 of the colours, and I am happily plotting the things I can do with the other 3 *huge grin*.  

Aren’t they perfect bear colours!!  From DEBBIE KESLING!!!  And a huge thank you {{{{hug}}}} must go to Melanie Clarke for sending me these fabulous pieces of fabric... I am still in shock that I now own fabric from the stash of the lady whose book acted as my bible while I took my first few tentative mini making steps :o)  *happy dances*  Ain’t life Grand!!


Melanie Clark said...

Lol! So glad you got it and that you like it!! <3 <3


gamegrrl2000 said...

How cute are YOU??? I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric!

Debbie (Kesling) Martin

Rosey said...

No way... you aren't .... you are ....OH MY!!

*cheshire cat grin the size of Texas*

I can't show what i have done with the fabric just yet - number one debuts at the Blooming Bear Show preview on March 5th, then 2 more when the show actually begins... i hope you will feel i have done the fabric justice!

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