October 28, 2011

Happy Mail Day!!!

I la-la-la-LOVE getting mail ... pretty much any kind of mail really, but even I will admit that some of it is more fun than others :oD

Today was definitely a fun mail kind of day - a few weeks back I finally pulled the trigger on a order of mini cards from moo.com ... coz, y’know I make mini’s so mini business cards is kinda perfect, yes?!  The arrival date guestimate was November 4, but I crossed my fingers and trusted to luck, and voila, it has paid off.  How CUTE are these wee babies!!  

I’m soooo happy they have arrived in time for Sundays show ... even if i did cut it just a smidge fine lol :oP

side note:  I ran out of steam to finish off my shrinkies last night, but I'll show them to you when i've got a bit more time :o)


Lyn Parker said...

They look so good Rosey!!! Have fun on Sun...I can't make it this year "bummer" :o(

Bear Hugs

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