November 16, 2011

Bears That Care auction 2011

My brother has an uncanny sense of time - any time, day or night, you can ask him what time it is and he will be able to guess pretty darn accurately .... me, I have NONE.  Zilch. Zero.  Sometimes I am lucky to even know what day of the week it is lol, so it will come as no surprise to hear that I got a mighty big shock when just a few days I ago I realised that the Bears That Care auction day was almost upon us.  And now it is!  At 6.30 this evening (AEST) bear artists, and bear appreciators alike, will begin to gather at The Conservatory in the RACV City Club in anticipation of a bear (and fun) filled evening :o)

This is what the official flyers for the event have to say:
The “Bears That Care” Charity Auction had its origins in the very late 90’s and was established to raise funds for research, education and awareness of women’s gynaecological cancers.  After some years in ‘hibernation’, the ‘bears that care’ returned last year in support of the work of the Ovcare Research Team and following on from that success, the Bears That Care are back in 2011! 
AND ... you’re invited!  Please join our host for the evening, Ovcare Ambassador, Rebecca Maddern (Channel 7 News), for a fabulous night where you can become the proud owner of some highly sought after OOAK bears to add to your collection in support of a cause we cannot ignore! 

and the fine print :oP  gotta have the fine print .... which I have enlarged for you because it was almost unreadable otherwise  lol:
The “Bears That Care” Charity Auction is a program of the National Centre for Health Innovation Limited (NCHI) in support of Ovcare - ovarian cancer research, education and awareness.  The NCHI is a registered charity - ABN:  48 148 012 453.  Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. 

For those in Melbourne and it’s surrounds, it is not to late to attend in person - just visit the website and follow the link offering tickets for sale or contact Judi on or (03)90113851 or 0407826771 :o)  

Nor is it too late to bid if you can’t join us.  A list of the 2011 bears can be found HERE and absentee votes can be placed HERE.   The only fly in the ointment is that you only have until until Midday (Melbourne time) today to place your bids.  Here is a quick time conversion I have done for you so you can see if you still have a chance to bid on one (or more) of the gorgeous teds on offer :o)

Have I piqued your interest?  Maybe you would like to see the ted that I have donated for this years Auction?  His name is Nibali - and is a mouse rather than a bear - with out further ado, here he is 

There is also something special included with each bear this year - an official 2011 lapel button.  Each of the donating artists have been sent one to wear, and you too can have one if you are the highest bidder on your chosen ted(s).  

I have been wearing mine about the place with a particularly big grin on my face.  What to know why?  Well I’m going to tell you anyway lol ...  Do you recognise the face of the ted you see there on it?  Scroll up and check the ted at the top of this post :oD  MmmmHmmmm that is the same bear ... and not only is it the same bear but it is/was my 2010 auction ted :o)  He has been given the honour of being the official ‘cover bear’ of the 2011 auction ... I can’t even express in words how wonderful that makes me feel!  My little darling a cover boy *explodes with happiness and pride at the thought*


tjoyu said...

Rosey, Nibali is simply adorable! I hope he brings in a nice amount for the charity!
And congrats on having a "cover bear"!!

Bobbie Ripperger said...

"My little darling a cover boy *explodes with happiness and pride at the thought*"
Knew you could pull off something like this, ole gurl! Well done, you & the wee chap!

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