December 14, 2011

WIPW - Fun with floss

I’ve been sewing for, mmmmm , I dunno - a very looong time.  It’s possibly revealing TMI (in the age department for ones dignity) but some of my tapestry threads I’ve had for over 30 years.  Love ‘em!  I’ve never really thought of them as a “collection” as such, but I guess that is exactly what my floss stash has grown into lol!  

Some serious reorganisation has been the order of the day  for me :o)  Our local craft store is clearing out it’s embroidery section *sobs wails and gnashing of teeth* but the silver lining to that cloud is all their thread is marked down to just 59c a skein ... BARGAIN!!!  Seriously!!  I walked past it the first time ( .... weeellllll OK I *did* grab a just few pretty ones) but only because I knew I would be returning very soon, floss boxes in hand, so I could be sure to get colours I didn’t already have lol.

Mum and I spent almost an hour looking through all the colours, attempting to fill the holes in my “collection” with out getting to close to any of the colours I already had - I tell you there are so many delicious colours to be had, I had a severe case of grabby hands in the face of all that beauty!!  

But, I can now say that I have an really good spread across all the colour groups except one :o/  Who wants to take a stab at what i need?  Anyone?  Yup - you in the back, that’s right PURPLE!  What is it with me and purple - I never seem to have the right purple and the craft store display had been sufficiently picked over that there were no reds or purples left *sulk* .... Looks like my ongoing mission to find the perfect purple nose threads shall continue lol .... just quietly I think I *need* 3746, so cross your fingers I can find it somewhere!

Wanna see some pretty close up?  Sure you do :oP
While I’ve been playing in my floss box, I remembered that there is something else I wanted to show you - Check out these lovelies - the above two with names came from a girl on ArtFire and are hand dyed.  Aren’t they awesome :o)  I love it when I can use the amazing work of other artist to make mine look even better, it’s a Total WIN :o)  

I have no idea what I’ll use them for yet, but they were too beautiful to go past, and a floss called ‘Fairyland’ from an artist who sells under the name ‘Rainbow Fingers’ *shakes head* nope, I was utterly powerless against the cute lol!  Below are all the flosses I greedily grabbed chose with dignity :oP right after they arrived from Rainbow Fingers *sigh* So Lovely!! 
I’m off to play with and admire my flosses again now ... see ya!


Lyn Parker said...

Stunningly Gorgeous Rosey !!!! I find myself quite Jealous.

Bear Hugs

Kays Kids said...

Don't you love just looking at all the colours of the rainbow. Now! are they just for looking at or is something special going to come from your studio.

Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

Hi Rosey! I haven't been blog browsing in so long! Enjoyed this post, I love embroidery floss too, but my collection isn't as extensive so I'm a teeny bit jealous hehe. Have fun finding your purples :) Hugs Sarah

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