February 3, 2012


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Tea + Party = 2 of my favourite things!  The chink of pretty china and happy chatter ... Oh Yeah :o)  When you put them together - and then send me an invite - well, I am one happy girl ....

So, it doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to picture my reaction when I saw what the theme for the March Teddies World Wide online show was going to be

... Hint:  It involved lots of *squeeeing* and “So Me”ing, with a good dash of excited wriggling thrown in for good measure lol :o)  Then when my acceptance email came through .... well .... lol!

My head is a chaotic jumble of ideas I want to play around with ... so many fun and wonderful directions I could go in :o)  I’ve been chattering ideas at mum at 100mph - poor darling, I think I’m in danger of turning her off tea for life, or at the very least sprained eyeballs from all the eye rolling she’s been doing in reaction to some of my more, erm,  hairbrained ideas lol.

Y’know, I think I need to sit down with a nice cup of tea as I think on this some more :o)  The kettle has just boiled, care to join me?
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Kays Kids said...

I would love to join you with a cuppa and talk about your creative ideas.

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