February 4, 2012

Cute and Useful! The perfect combination ....

I’ve long since finished sorting my floss boxes from chaos back into some semblance of order, and the ‘to do’ list I put a big pink tick beside that task on, long since binned ... 

... and so, of course, it was inevitable that now is when I would come across the free download for these little wonders on pinterest!
Photo courtesy of the wild olive blog.  Click to enlarge
Aren’t they FAB!  Even better than that, they are FREE and FAB lol!  I’m not mad/sensible (chose whichever you prefer) enough to unwind any of my already wound bobbins just to give these a test drive .... though just quietly, I *am* thinking of using them as an excuse for accelerating the hunt for purple nose thread to sooner rather than later.  Hhmmmm *thinks*.

BUT (there always is one isn’t there lol) while my floss is now satisfactorily sorted, my ribbons can only be described as being a long way from :o/  ... lets just say that most of the time, the jumbled mess in my ribbon box is Knot amusing :oP which means it is an Epic Win that Mollie from the ‘Wild Olive’ blog has also designed a jumbo version expressly for ribbons and trims.  WooHoo!  

Check out the test print I did of each page:
click to enlarge
These pages are 200gsm, which will be fine for my ribbons (primarily because I have 200 sheets of the stuff lol) but I'd suggest the floss bobbins will need 300 or higher ... i'll report back after I've made a trip to the newsagent and done a bit of experimenting :o)

OK ribbon box, we’re coming in!!   Prepare to surrender your pretty but chaotic state for one of beauty and order *MwuHahahahahaaa*

You can find the printable PDF download for the page with 20 small floss bobbins HERE 
the printable PDF download for the page with 6 jumbo sized ribbon/trim ones HERE


Kays Kids said...

Oh My, I'm thinking of my ribbon box. My embroidery cotton is all neat, but NOT my ribbons. Some of my ribbons certainly would not fit onto that card. Oh well it means ironing it every time I want some.

Mollie. said...

Thank you for your very kind words about my bobbins! I hope they bring some fun to your organization!

Rosey said...

@ Kay: I'm going to be playing with my ribbon over the next few days Kay, so we can share experiences if you do yours too :o) I wonder if there is a way to make them bigger ... * hmmm* ...

OH DON'T!!! I always feel like such a twit dragging out the board and iron just for 3 inches of silk ribbon lol, but it does have to be done ... well up 'till now *cross fingers*

@ Mollie: Oh No, seriously Thank YOU!! I firmly believe it is the small things in life that can make a difference daily and bring the most joy, and these little sweeties definitely fall into that category :o) ... and they are way too good not to share!

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