October 22, 2012

(Not even) One week to the Woodend Teddy Bear Show

It’s kinda scary just how much time going about living ones life can actully take up lol ... I mean, I’ve just been going about my daily tasks - some fun, some not so much - and while I’ve been in the process of getting on with these things, some where along the way, a very large chunk of time has.... well ..... vanished?!?!  

The last time I looked there was heaps - Heaps - of time left before the end of October ... and we all know what the end of October brings don’t we *nods and smiles* MmmHmmmm!   The doors opening on the ever wonderful Woodend Teddy Bear show!!

But nope *shakes head*.   Oh No No NO *waggles finger* those doors .... the ones to St Ambrose Hall in Templeton Street,  they will be opening in a little over 5 days!  FIVE DAYS!!   I know .... How?  When??  Whhhaaaa HUH???  But I kid you not, the show really truly ruley IS in five days lol!

Now, you are going to have to excuse me, because I have bears that need finishing up, and if I dare to blink .... well, those five days are going to vanish as quickly as the last few months have lol, and then my table is going to look rather sad and bare, and that would never do! 

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