October 28, 2012

Woodend 2012 Bear Show

No more sleeps to go to the 2012 Woodend Teddy Bear Show .... the day has dawned, and in a few short hours the doors will swing wide and the fun will begin :o)

 I for one have some serious sleep catching up to do lol, and maybe as I drift off into the land of nod later today, I shall be pondering the thought “is a show in late October one that welcomes Spring a we bit late, or is it one that says Hello Christmas a wee bit early?”.   Eh *shrugs* who knows, I just hope these two find homes so I don’t have to listen to their  infernal arguing about it :oP

click to enlarge

For more fun and details, check the shows Facebook page HERE, where you can also find the details of a very special radio show that will be on at 10 am(ish) today *whispers* 774ABC


Linda said...

I am sure they will. They are so cute!!!

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