April 17, 2009

My kingdom for a blurple...


Here at Chateau Teddy, things are not going quite as smoothly as a girl would like....the bin has an excess of broken threads and there are eyeballs rolling all over the floor (that is onyx teddy ones btw, not mine lol).  I am, how ever, ecstatic to report that I have nearly completed the much disliked task of sewing on ears for this batch of bears YAHHHHHHHHH!!! 

Todays task is noses...now i understand that sewing noses is the least favourite moment for many a bear maker, though for some odd reason I’ve always loved this bit (o;  But then I also love putting together flat pack furniture (Ikea-itis perhaps?) so maybe I just have a talent for finding fun in the unlikeliest of places lol?!?!

So anyway, I have it in my head that one of the little bears i am working on at the moment will emerge as a butterfly - one in shades of ivory, pink and purple......so i crack open my nose thread box and survey the scene.  UhOh!!  Can some one please tell me, is there a law demanding that no matter how many skeins of a particular colour one buys, down the track, that PERFECT shade - the one you see so clearly in your head - will not be among the ones before you??  

Seriously lol, all I want is a mid tone blurple (that is bluey purple btw lol) to use for my little bugs nose.....C’MON *face palm*!!!!  I have red based purples.....dusty purples.....pastel purples.....blues that aren’t quite purple.....I even have a variegated purple.....but a nice, simple little blurple for my wee bug?  Nope.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch )o:  Ho Hum, maybe yesterdays ears weren’t so bad after all  *hehe*  *wanders off grinding teeth and muttering to self*.....


Catherine Gabriel said...

can totally relate! I have SO many skeins from my cross-stitching days but sometimes the right colour just isn't there

Rosey said...

lol, isn't it just the way Cat :o) I've got 2 boxes of colours from my stitching projects *le sigh* :o)

My bug ended up with the unmarked lolly purple towards the front of the pic - the one 2 skeins behind 109. Not what i originally had in mind, but she is coming along nicely anyway :o)

Catherine Gabriel said...

ahhh, nice choice :) Can't wait to see this wee bug when it's finished!

Melissa said...

I have four boxes of thread and still never quite the colour I am imagining. Just discovered your blog and wishing I had been at Melbourne to see your creations. Giallo waves....er quacks a hello from across the ditch.

Rosey said...

LOL....not having 'just the right xxxx' seems to be a universal woe Melissa :o/

It would have been lovely had you been able to cross the pond and say hello - Maybe the Woodend show in October??

*quacks back to Giallo* :oD I still LOVE that name lol (sidenote: Giallo means yellow in Italian....no prizes for guessing what colour duck Giallo is though *hehe*)

I think your Blythe dresses are fabulous btw!!!

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