April 12, 2009

Let the TOBY voting begin...

It is a mere three weeks out from my first bear show of the year, so it is not unreasonable to expect much sewing, sculpting, snipping and stuffing to be going on here at Chateau Teddy.  Yet here I sit, putting my honors degree in Advanced Procrastination Techniques to good use lol....which, in this instance, translates to my sitting here stuffing about on the computer *insert sheepish grin here*

Yet, my friends,  there IS benefit in this!  I have made the happy discovery that voting for the 2009 Public Choice Winners has begun.....


It used to be that living in this corner of the world meant a girl would miss out on voting in the TOBY’s, but ahh, the joys of the interwebs now mean that anyone with access to an internet connection can join in.  Yippppeeeee I say!!!!!  I’m not entirely sure how long online voting will be open for, but the 2009 TOBY Public Choice winners will be announced on the 15th of August at TBAI.

As I write I am halfway through voting.....and oh the amazing creations!  My poor brain needed a break lol.  This years Industry Choice Winners are superb!!  I had the devil of a time trying to decide who to vote for in Category 7, the “Artists Friends”.....all I can say is that it is just as well it’s Easter, as I wouldn’t want to be making these choices with out the support of my friend the chocolate bunny  :oD

Ready to have your say too?  CLICK HERE to cast your votes.


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