April 8, 2009

New girl on the block

*steps in*....
*looks around tentatively*.....
*sees YOU, smiles and waves*

Hey there (o: A visitor!!! Looks like I have officially joined the bear blogosphere.....I know there are plenty of fabulous teddy blogs out there, i read quite a few of them, but this one, well.....this one is mine. The down under, Aussie accented, mini bear version of the teddy making trade according to ME *hehe* :oD

As opposed to real life - where i can chatter the legs off a chair - my current plan is to pop my head up here when i have something i think is worth sharing....which may mean I am posting regularly OR may leave the blog covered in cobwebs for long stretches lol. Only time will tell :o) But please, do join me for the ride - it should be fun!

Rosey xox


DickBobDay said...

ha ha

Michelle said...


Hi Rosey!!! Welcome to the blog world :D

Rosey said...

Thanks Dickie *mwah*

*waves happily at Michelle* Hey Sweetie!!! Thanks for taking a look :o)

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